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Announcements : Extras
Posted by czokie on 2003/10/1 18:37:25 (1173 reads)

Hi gamer dudez.

There is a whole truckload of new stuff that has been put online over the last few days. Extras! Sounds, pictures, screenshots, title snaps, cheat files, mameinfo files, the list goes on. Everything you need to have a complete Mame experience is now available for your leeching pleasure.

To get the files, you will need to be a registered user, and go to the bulk download area.

Have fun folks.


News : Nebula Model 2 v.0.9a released!
Posted by MAMESpade on 2003/9/30 8:03:21 (1484 reads)

ElSemi's been busy! Here the subtle but substantial changes:

* Added Top Skater sound roms and Digital Sound Board 2 emulation.
* Added experimental force feedback for model 2B games.
* Fixed some bugs in the 2C DSP regarding Sega Touring Car Championship stopwatch.
* Some fixes in the analog control code.

We will get those new sound ROMs online A.S.A.P.!

Announcements : Happy Birthday
Posted by czokie on 2003/9/28 14:49:51 (1302 reads)

I know I am a little early, but I just realised - we have nearly been running for 1 year! I dont know if this really counts as a party or what, but how about we organise a massive networked game day to celebrate 1 year of RetroRoms operation? Click comments to add your thoughts to this article.


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News : MAME Testdrivers updated to v.0.74!
Posted by MAMESpade on 2003/9/23 8:25:20 (1430 reads)

Sorry for the delays, but they're up to par now. Sadly, there are no more NEO·GEO testdrivers, since MAMEDEV yanked them as well. Oh well.

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Announcements : I'm back! Hide your women!
Posted by MAMESpade on 2003/9/22 15:55:39 (1264 reads)

I know..I said 2 weeks. Well, I ran into an ISP problem. Fortunately, this has been rectified. I understand that I missed out on the 0.73-4 updates, and I wish to sincerly thank Rixster, our returning moderator and friend, who filled in for me. I will be tackling the Testdrivers myself, as several of you have pointed out that they weren't updated. That was my fault. Forgot to ask someone to cover those. Nevertheless, my return has come! Now for a beer and bandwidth session or two.

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