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Announcements : I'm back! Hide your women!
Posted by MAMESpade on 2003/9/22 15:55:39 (1298 reads)

I know..I said 2 weeks. Well, I ran into an ISP problem. Fortunately, this has been rectified. I understand that I missed out on the 0.73-4 updates, and I wish to sincerly thank Rixster, our returning moderator and friend, who filled in for me. I will be tackling the Testdrivers myself, as several of you have pointed out that they weren't updated. That was my fault. Forgot to ask someone to cover those. Nevertheless, my return has come! Now for a beer and bandwidth session or two.

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Announcements : IRC server
Posted by czokie on 2003/9/13 10:43:34 (1346 reads)

Hi folks.

I am testing an IRC server for RetroRoms ..... type /server -m in your irc client to connect.

I am particularly interested in testing load to the server.... ie how many users will it handle? Look forward to seeing you there.


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Announcements : See all of you in 2 weeks!
Posted by MAMESpade on 2003/9/1 14:42:09 (1355 reads)

As I mentioned in the last Insider News, I am preparing to move. By the time you read this, my DSL connection will be terminated. I will be offline for approximately 2 weeks. Fortunately, we have a friend of ours who has volunteered to substitue for me during my temporary absence. So, we will be able to provide any new sets that do come along per any release of MAME, Nebula Model 2 and/or ZiNc

Please do not misunderstand. RetroROMs is staying very much alive. The ROMs are staying online. We are not going anywhere. I just have to pack, get moved and settled. Once my new DSL connection is active, outside of updating my virus software, I will be hitting all of my emulation sources for the updates I will miss. Please bear with me. I promise that I will return!

Just so you know, in the Bulk Download Area under UPDATES, you will find all the new and changed sets for MAME up to v.0.72u2,

Announcements : RetroROMs Insider News!
Posted by MAMESpade on 2003/8/25 2:46:35 (2829 reads)

It's time for some on-point info on who I am, fixing the Database, Beatmania, HotRodSE price drop and more!

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Announcements : File Database
Posted by czokie on 2003/8/10 15:51:11 (1630 reads)

Hi RetroRoms users!

The file database has undergoing a long over-due refurbishment. The program that generates the online file listings has been broken for a long time, and it is finally fixed. All details in the file database have been auto generated by the output of "mame -listinfo" ...

Please, let me know of any weird data in the database, so that I can fix the program!


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