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Date 2010/7/11 10:00:00 | Topic: Announcements

Welcome Scooby to TeamRetro. You've been around here for a while, and participating actively in the forums. We look forward to your continued input.

Coming soon, the entire retroroms site will be moved to a newer server environment. I dont have exact date/time details yet, but you should expect some interruptions to normal operations over the next couple of weeks.

Further down the track, we are looking at a replacement bittorrent client. The new one will run external to the main server, which will reduce load on the main production server.

The download areas will move at the same time to an external storage box that we purchased some time ago. We've been using it for backups and other purposes till now, but in future - it will be well suited to hosting rom files.

Once this is complete, we can look at new romsets to host and share with the community.

Finally, we're investigating a re-launch of "GOTW". We're considering a random game selection process, to allow this to happen without admin overhead to keep it running. Stay tuned for more news.


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